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Established in 2011, Cycology Clothing is a creative brand inspired by our passion (some say obsession) with cycling.  Our cycling clothing is made of the highest quality fabrics and our prints have a soft feel that ages with style. We offer casual and technical cycling wear featuring our original  hand drawn or painted graphics by our resident artist who practices obsessively what she preaches, draws, sketches, paints…..


Funny Miniature Scenes

Funny Miniature Scenes Playfully Set Upon Delicious Foods


JavelleIdaMinimiam14The clever stylings of these culinary masters feature witty arrangements and subtle humor that will make you smile. Commercial food photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have been developing their playfully miniature series since 2002. EntitledMinimiam—a blend of the words “miniature” and “miam” (yummy in French)—the project documents the lives of tiny toy people set against delightfully delicious backdrops.

From snowy meringue fields to a doughnut golf course, the edible landscapes tell entertaining stories of work, play, leisure, and adventure. The creative duo say, “We’re both food photographer in our daily work, and we’re both quite crazy about cooking, eating and everything about food. So when we started this small people series, naturally we created the stories related to the food.”



Need something to hold your interest for the Vuelta? CyclingExpress has the solution…



I would like to share this link for the Vuelta: Vuelta Tipping Competition


The Vuelta a España has always the bridesmaid of Grand Tours, which is unfortunate because it’s often the most exciting tour of them all. It certainly was last year.

The Vuelta starts this Saturday and there’s no better way to get personally involved than joining a tipping competition. “It’s too hard” you say? Not the way we do it.

All you need to do is pick a different rider every stage of the Vuelta who you think will win. You can’t pick the same rider twice during the Vuelta. For example, it’s a mountaintop finish stage and you pick Nibali, you can’t pick him again for another mountain stage. You’ll have to pick another climber.

In short, all you need to do is tip your stage winner every day. That’s it, it’s free, and it’s a blast.

The tipping with the lowest cumulative GC time at the end of the Vuelta is the winner.

And what can you win?

Thanks to they’ve donated some great prizes.

1. Head to  The Vuelta tipping competition landing page
2. Sign up for a CyclingTips account (if you haven’t already) and log in
3. Join the default CyclingTips pool or create a pool with your mates (you can join as many as you like).
4. Start tipping!



Cycling the Alps

Toch niet te laten deze site van “Cycling the Alps”. Een heerlijke interactieve tocht voor je op het scherm met fantastisch veel informatie en vooral veel weetjes wanneer je zelf een doorwinterde fietser ben van bergen en lastige parcours zoals mezelf.

Dank aan de mensen die deze site mogelijk maken en ‘up to date’ houden.


Mechanics ought to get Podium girls too…

Merlyn mechanics

Good friends from Chattanooga (is the fourth-largest city in the U.S. state of Tennessee) Wendy and Brandon Buckner have beeing sending me this shirt of Merlyn mechanics.

On the backside of the shirt, there’s a nice writing on from the Cycling Coach Beth Leasure.

Mechanics ought to get Podium girls too..

“If the bike doesn’t work, you cant’t ride it. The meaning of work becomes more highly defined the more elite you become in the racing world. Simple mechanisms that drive movements bocome high-yech proving grounds for aerodynamics, lightness and safety. One of the most important persons in your world is your mechanic. If you take this for granted, you’ll number yourself with those people who think they don’t need anyone to succeed, and  that is a great myth. Racers define our community, sponsors fund it, but it’s the mechanics that keep it running smoothly.

On a pro team, this is the person who works the longest hours, probably knows the most about you, and usually says the least. I’ve ridden their last minute improvisations that a rocket scientist would envy. Chances are the mechanic will be first to reach you in a racing accident. I’ve been a fallen woman in a ditch pulled out by the caring team wrench and put on a stretcher. I’ve experienced them tending my wounds miles from any hospital, then making my bike sing again. I’ve seen them wash blood off top tubes. When a comrade took a fatal spill, the neutral support mechanic covered the bike with a blanket away from public scrutniny. I’ve watched them squirm in anxiety from the team car while watching their riders battle it out and whoop the loudest when their rider crossed the finish line first. I’ve witnessed them weeping with fatigue and stagger without praise.

This person is not the one you take for granted; on the road especially, this person IS your mama, the behind the scenes nurtuter who puts life in your wheels.”

~Beth Leasure   Cycling Coach.

Thanks to Wendy, Brandon and Merlyn Townley.

Can you believe it? Only 4 months to Giro d’Italia

  Riuscite a crederci?
Solo 4 mesi alla partenza del Giro d’Italia: sabato 5 maggio…IL GIORNO si avvicina sempre di più! “Mi piace” = Non vedo l’ora
Can you believe it?
Only 4 months to Giro d’Italia start: Saturday May 5th…THE DAY is getting closer and closer! “Like” = I can’t wait

From Saturday May 5th to Sunday May 27th 2012, the 95th edition of Giro d’Italia will start from Herning (Denmark) and will arrive in Milan. Da sabato 5 a do…