Need something to hold your interest for the Vuelta? CyclingExpress has the solution…



I would like to share this link for the Vuelta: Vuelta Tipping Competition


The Vuelta a España has always the bridesmaid of Grand Tours, which is unfortunate because it’s often the most exciting tour of them all. It certainly was last year.

The Vuelta starts this Saturday and there’s no better way to get personally involved than joining a tipping competition. “It’s too hard” you say? Not the way we do it.

All you need to do is pick a different rider every stage of the Vuelta who you think will win. You can’t pick the same rider twice during the Vuelta. For example, it’s a mountaintop finish stage and you pick Nibali, you can’t pick him again for another mountain stage. You’ll have to pick another climber.

In short, all you need to do is tip your stage winner every day. That’s it, it’s free, and it’s a blast.

The tipping with the lowest cumulative GC time at the end of the Vuelta is the winner.

And what can you win?

Thanks to they’ve donated some great prizes.

1. Head to  The Vuelta tipping competition landing page
2. Sign up for a CyclingTips account (if you haven’t already) and log in
3. Join the default CyclingTips pool or create a pool with your mates (you can join as many as you like).
4. Start tipping!




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