Heroism in this Tour de France!

Johnny Hoogerland extracts himself from a barbed wire fence following a frightening crash caused by a French television car.

Juan Antonio Flecha (Sky) and Johnny Hoogerland (Vacansoleil-DCM) were both vying for victory in the winning five-man break but crashed heavily after being hit be a French television car.

Flecha: The driver didn’t even stop

Juan Antonio Flecha (Sky) picks himself up after being hit by a media car. The bike’s front wheel was ripped from the dropouts in the crash.

Flecha was also critical of new race leader Voeckler’s attitude in the break. Asked how he felt about the French seeming to accelerate following the crash, Flecha replied: “I see that as normal behavior for Voeckler, because he’s always like that in breaks, causing trouble. Just before that, Casar, one of the others in the break, had had a go at him because Voeckler had attacked on a descent after attempting to win the mountains points instead of waiting for those of us who weren’t fighting for them. He was completely focused on the yellow jersey. We all know what he’s like, seeing him act in any other way would have surprised me.”

Johnny Hoogerland extracts himself from the barbed wire fence.

Johnny Hoogerland is attended to by a Tour doctor.

…suffered deep lacerations to his legs…

 New mountains leader is overcome with emotion.


An emotional Johnny Hoogerland is comforted on the podium after receiving the polka dot jersey.

 KOM leader Johnny Hoogerland had a harrowing day during stage nine and is overcome with emotion on the podium.


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