Sports Nutrition for The London-Paris 2011

Science in Sport know what it takes to get through long, hard stage races. We’ve been fuelling cyclists across the world for almost 20 years. We worked with Olympic Champion Chris Boardman who helped inspire our recovery product Rego; nowadays we are the official sports nutrition partner to 5 Pro Tour teams and have fuelled numerous Tour de France victories and one day classic wins. We’re passionate riders ourselves, members of our team have completed the Tour de France route and first-hand experience of endurance cycling and racing. However, we don’t just work with the elite guys and pros; we also help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

In recent stages of the Tour De France the average time spent in the saddle per day by the professionals was around 4.5 hours and they burnt on average 6000Kcal per day. On a typical day during the Tour professional riders will typically use 2 or 3 GO-BARS, 4 to 6 GO-GELS, 2 or 3 Smart-1 Energizer Gels and GO Electrolyte Sports Fuel. Immediately after each stage riders will consume a serving of REGO and more often than not a sachet of Nocte before going to sleep.

As you are no doubt aware The L2P 2011 is made up of 3 stages totaling 520Km. At an average speed of 32Km/h (20mph) you can expect to be in the saddle for over 16 hours, and at an average speed of 27Km/h (17mph) this equates to nearly 20 hours of riding. The secret to successfully completing the ride will be down to a combination of pace judgment, energy supply, keeping hydrated and ensuring you maximize your recovery after each stage, oh yes – coupled with a reasonable amount of training prior to the Tour!!!

As the official Sports Nutrition Partner to The London-Paris 2011 each rider will receive a Science in Sport goody bag containing the following products at Sign On:

 6 x GO Electrolyte Sachets (2 / day) – Carbohydrate/Electrolyte Energy drink for use during the ride to provide energy and keep you hydrated. 2 sachets will make approximately 1 litre which will help you on your way. On a long hot day in the saddle you will more than likely need to drink more to stay hydrated, and also take on board more energy to help fuel your ride.

– 3 x Rego Sachets (1/day) – Total Recovery Sports Fuel, by consuming a serving of Rego within 30 minutes of finishing each days ride it will help you speed your recovery which is important when you have 3 long consecutive days in the saddle. Rego also includes electrolytes for optimum re-hydration.

– 6 x GO-Gels (2/day) – Isotonic Energy Gel, 22g’s of Carbohydrate per GO-Gel. GO-Gels are an ideal way to provide extra energy on the move and can also get you out of trouble on a bad day!! The Ultimate Energy Boost, 45% more endurance.

– 3 x GO-Bars (1/day) – High Carbohydrate Low Fat energy bar packed with fruit and natural concentrated grape juice, no added sugar – the naturally nutritious sports bar.

– 1 x 600ml Drinks Bottle, 1 x 800ml Drinks Bottle

Nutrition has an important role to play in sports performance, by using the SiS range of products to help fuel your ride, remain hydrated and speed you recovery I’m sure you will all make it to Paris and enjoy the experience and achievement of the event even more.

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